A History of Carillon Music
FROM: Luc Rombouts

TO: carlosamantea@yahoo.com

RE: Carillon Music


Thank you very much for allowing a review of my book Singing Bronze in your magazine. I enjoyed the text of the article a lot, and I hope it will help my book to reach a public!

Luc Rombouts
carillonneur @ KU Leuven & Tienen

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FROM: William Wakefield

TO: you all and your Ralph

RE: I am going to send you something ...

I have recently .. you are in the Guardian yakking, too .. I have recently volunteered to write the national anthemn for Portinho, the new island-country featured yesterday ...

as the Prince, and so on .. of the island notes, he might want to change the anthemn, weekly, etc., which I think is a great dynamic!

but .. just discovering Ralph .. 20 years,almost old enough to drink, forget almost ...

cheers! . . . from the Dominican Republic

John Wakefield
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