Ghost Dogs


RE: My Best Friend's Ghost


Wow, loved this story! I just did a search on ghost dogs after rocking my new puppy last night and getting the shock of my life. An old speak and spell toy that had belonged to our beloved old Snauzer was on the floor, no one near it, it began to say cookie. I had trained Ed to paw the letter C and I would give him a treat when it said cookie. This happened repeatedly, my husband & I both heard it. Ed our old dog had died 41 days before. I sat in that same chair and rocked his little body wrapped in a blanket with a favorite toy for a long time before we buried him. I know people will think I am crazy if I tell this, so glad my husband heard it too. So glad to know that my best friend is still with me, love the new puppy but miss my old baby like crazy.

--- Lillian Carol Russell
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