The Hamburger Book
Honey and Larry Ziman
(St. Martins Press)
This has got to be the damnedest detective novel we've discovered since we did Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa in an earlier issue.

A juicy meat-pie is picked up one night in a seedy drive-in, where she is getting fried with her potato-headed friends. Some say she is over-easy, but she and her friends are polished off in a trice, on the counter as it were.

A hard-boiled French detective, Pierre Moutard, is called in, slathering along with his lovely side-dish, Sesame Buns. Everyone gets grilled, including the short-order cook. Buns and Moutard have a flaming affair, after which, someone douses them in brandy. Moutard immediately suspects the Pickle twins, Sweet 'n' Sour. Even though he pursues them with relish, he finds it impossible to ketchup with them, and we suspect, frankly (or frankfurter), that Moutard has been spread too thin.

With the arrival of his long forgotten but lovely tomato --- "Beefsteak" Pattie --- the greasers finally get him, and Moutard is consumed with rage as Buns gets fried with one of the twins.

This is your typical all-the-way whodunit that drips down your chin and onto your sleeves and makes you call for seconds.

--- From The Fessenden Review
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