Metaphysical Odyssey into The Mexican Revolution ---
Francisco I. Madero and his Secret Book, Spiritist Manual
TO: C. M. Mayo

FROM: RE: Yr. Book


I just finished reviewing your newest, and my review appeared at

I had a fine time with it, as I usually do with your writings, and went to call you up at the page listed in your book,

where I found I was offered any and all medical needs that I may have. including liposuction and heart transplant.

Since I woke up this morning alive and lively, for a change, I thought I might wait until later before I take advantage of these medical services . . . but you still might advise the sprites that run the internet that you and the Mayo Brothers Clinic are not one and the same production.

Thanks for writing about Francisco. I had never thought of him much before now, but will certainly be doing so in the future. And if there is a tapping on or under my desk (assuming it is not coming for my ancient wood-burning computer) I will hope it is Madero, looking to tell me about his home there in the sky, which, I recall, is the place that we can but gaze at after nightfall to experience The Divine.

--- C A Amantea

§   §   §

Dear Carlos Amantea,

Muchísimas gracias for your very kind note, and a cyber shower of lotus petals upon you for sending your review of METAPHYSICAL ODYSSEY.

I think the duendes must have gotten into the keyboards or something, because I have yet to post anything about lipsuction on

Seriously, your review and email message made my day.

Kind regards,

--- Catherine
C.M. Mayo
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