Chernobyl: The Hidden Legacy
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FROM: Matthew Birch

RE: Chernobyl


i have seen one of your photos From Chernobyl and i am currently working on a university project for Music technolagy and the project is to develop a club night and i would love to use this photo for a promotion poster so i am contacting you to ask your permission to use the photo.

Also the photos are very nice and i do like the contrasts on them just as a personal note.

Thank you for reading

--- Yours sincerely
Matthew Birch

Hi, Matthew:

The photograph you cite is from the book Chernobyl: The Hidden Legacy by Pierpaolo Mittica from Trolley Books. It is an excellent --- and troubling --- book about the aftermath of the blowup at that nuclear plant.

You say that you want to use it for "a promotion poster" for "a club night." We do not own the rights for this photograph of the remains of an grammar school in that wretched city --- you have to communicate with Trolley Books for those. However, to use a picture of such a disaster as background for a fun college night seems rather grisly to us.

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Would you kindly forward to Sara Washington a comment on her review of my bookSAN FRANCISCO LITHOGRAPHER on Grafton Tyler Brown?

She is RIGHT ON about the paucity of Brown's writings and feelings.

Only ONE letter exists; the original buried, not retrievable, in a museum archives.

I am hoping my book will flush out more of GTB's writings.

--- Regards,
Bob Chandler
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