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TO: Lolita Lark

RE: Grant Offer

FROM: The World Bank Group

Good day!

Fact shows that so many people still live in deep poverty and this is morally unacceptable given the resources and technology available today. The world Bank wants to galvanize International and National support around two goals:

  • To virtually end extreme poverty in a generation
  • Promote shared prosperity by the year 2030.
Due to these passionate driven goals, "Smart Risks" have been taken to support individuals and projects that have the potentials to transform a country or region, One which involves Funded Grant Program, which includes You as one of the luckiest people to get a Funded Grant, qualified for a piece of the millions awarded each year by private and government grant agencies to regular people like you.

This Grant Kit will put Six Hundred And Eighty Thousand Pounds [£680,000] in your pocket for financial assistance, to start up a business, improve existent activities, set up a business plan, or obtain assistance from experts in fields such as: Industry, transport, agriculture,communications and so on. What makes this grant so exciting is that the money awarded is INTEREST-FREE and PAYBACK-FREE.

So, unlike a common bank loan you won't see interest charges eating away at your obligations. Many grants go unawarded every year, simply because most people don't know about the programs they qualified for. Don't let this happen to you!

Join this great program right away with no risk at all and claim your grant! Send us an email back for claims in the easy Funded Grant program with your information below ...

  • Names:
  • Age:
  • Country:
  • Phone:
  • Alternative Email Address
Don't miss your chance, as chances like that don't happen very often in our lives!

--- Jim Yong Kim
World Bank group
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