St Denys' Church Colmworth and
The Poem of Lady Catherine Dyer
TO: Editor

FROM: Stephen Evans

RE: St Denys' Church Colmworth

Hello Lolita,

I recently read a very interesting article in RALPH about the poem 'Dust' by Lady Catherine Dyer in St. Denys' Church, in Colmworth, Bedfordshire, England.

This is our local church and I thought you might like to know the church is beginning to suffer from crumbling of the stonework supporting the East stained glass window almost directly over the Dyer Tomb.

The small congregation cannot afford the repairs currently estimated at about £125,000 although recent fund-raising may allow at least a start on the worst affected stone and glass.

The Friends of St Denys' has recently been formed from people of all faiths who value this historic building, and hopefully our website and 'JustGiving' page will be up and running soon.

My aim in contacting you at the moment, is simply to raise awareness of the current situation, and should you require more information, I will be happy to pass your details to Thelma Marks who at 84 years of age remains our most knowledgeable village historian.

I hope to hear from you.

--- Best Wishes
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