Committee Against
Bonsai Abuse
TO: Mr Carlos

FROM: F Viljoen

RE: Bonsai

With my newfound unimaginable interest in this article and Pamela Wylie I would ask of you to forward this email to her and tell me: is this article as a whole approving Bonsai and making mock of the mentioned artist or is it genuine in its final opinion that Bonsai is cruel and should be stopped in its practice?

I am undecided

Looking forward to hearing from either or both you and Pamela

--- Good day to you,

Dear F. Viljoen:

Thank you for your letter of inquiry about organizations established to prevent people from torturing normal happy trees --- merely to turn them into expensive bonsai --- as outlined in Pamela Wylie's review of the Abbeville Press edition of Fine Bonsai: Art & Nature.

We questioned her closely about these allegations to verify her "call to arms --- citing these who are, as we speak, inventing new tortures for these innocent plantlings, whose only crime is that they tried to Grow Free ... but are now subject to treely bondage, forbidden the height they deserve, kept down by these arboltrary masochists."

Her response, and I quote directly: "I would never knowingly fabricate a fact merely to doll up one of my reviews for you. If you think I could be so crass, perhaps I should take my reviewing talents some place else. It's your call."

Not daring to antagonize a talented and long-serving writer such as Ms. Wylie, we immediately apologized, said that --- as far as we were concerned --- we would back her to the hilt, no matter how quaint her premises.

She seemed satisfied, and assured us she would continue sailing with us on the Good Ship RALPH.

--- Ed.
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