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HELLO, it's , perhaps you still remember me. We kinda talked a year ago !!

So ummm, I kinda wanted to get in touch as I was kinda bored for the past few days. I was going through my photos and I posted a few of pretty naughty / amusing ones.

My newly favored website lets you do all that without any filters or disabled profiles ! I stopped using all social media websites because they never allow all my kink ! Borrrring , LOL !

So here's where I put up all the photos and all my girlfriends come and gossip, you have to see it !

Well anyway, check me out! I need a real opinion for all my pics :)

My online nickname is SaraDreaming24. And yes, my age is 24.

Confirm my friend request on twitter and let's talk ;)

Lots of Love,

§   §   §

Hi, Sara,

I'm sending along a picture of me they say when I was younger they say I was very handsome and I hope you like older men. I'd come see you but problem is, they never let us out of the Senior Citizens Heath Care Center. It would be bad for us they say. I tried to get out a couple of times last year but they always catch me at the gate and lead me back to my room. Then they bring me the pills and won't leave until I have taken all of them. Then, I sleep OK for a few days but then when I try to get out of my room they always send Carlos and he follows me around so I won't try to go to the gate again. They say it's bad for morale here at SC3 ... that when I get close to the gate they catch up with me and people outside maybe can see me and when I put up a fuss they have to somehow get me out of sight again. I try to call to people on the other side of the fence but they always look away and so that makes me sad and then when they get me back to my room I don't feel like fighting anymore. Maybe if you have a number I could call you and you could pretend to be my daughter or something and we could get away from here. The best time would be late at night, especially during the week because the only one here is Nurse Meeker and she always falls asleep around midnight and doesn't wake up all night no matter how many times we ring her. I would get out of here when she's snoring but I found out they have all the outside doors locked. I tried to get out of my window once but it is a six foot drop to the ground and I knew I would break something I'm too old now (but I hope not too old for you) and if they caught me they would lock me up for a month like they did to my "girlfriend" Rachael. She got some sheets and tied them together and got herself to the ground but when she got to the gate an alarm went off and they took her back to her room and they came and gave her shots every six hours and wouldn't let any of her "boyfriends" (like me) into see her and when we tried to sneak in they told us that they would start giving us shots too if we told anyone so we stopped trying. When finally after six weeks they let her out she I don't know it seems like they had taken something from her, she didn't wash anymore, didn't care about dressing up like before, and when I would try to hug her she would just sit there loose and look like she didn't care. She died a couple of weeks later and I always felt bad but I was scared too that if I said anything they would start giving me the shots too and when my cousin came to visit they told her that my heart was so bad they couldn't allow any visitors so I knew they was watching me. I'm still scared of the shots but if they thought you were part of my family they might let me out of my room its pretty scary now so call before you come because you and I have to work it so you can get in and get me out of here without anybody noticing PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!.

"The Night Watchman"
(That's What They Used to Call Me From Before)
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