My Bloody Life

FROM: Greysi

RE:Once a King Always a King

Hi my name is Greysi and I just recently read the book once a king always a king

I did how ever read my bloody life By Reymundo Sanchez.

I'm so amazed of how great the books turned out to be I read them everyday and I just want to be able to get in contact atleast via email I did how ever email him at his email but I wanted to know if his still alive and has he ever responded to anyone via this email .

--- Greysi Jimenez

Hi, Greysi,

And thanks for your email.

We heard from Mr. Sanchez several years ago, and he said that one could reach him at

You could try this ... and let us know if it works.

We've had emails from other readers who have wanted to contact Reymondo as well.

--- L. Lark

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