Not Sweating
FROM: Daryn Mister

TO: bobby12@rocketmail.com

RE: Daryn C. tells that she LOVES YOU

Allow me Please sweeting..

Here is Daryn .

I found your e-mail via facebook . I was excited! You're attractive :-)

I want to have a hot talk with you, sweet ..

Your YAHOO mailservice sucks !!

So Click on the link bellow and then click OK button again ;-)

I wish to meet you soon!

Bye-bye darling *KISSING*

§   §   §

Hi Daryn:

RE: You're sweeting, I'm sweating.

It's been so long since I have received a love-letter as steamy as yours.

I can't tell you how excited I am. My day nurse had to jab me with an extra dose of Beta-blocker.

When I first got your email, I was worried that I might be a bit over the edge for you what with the dewlaps not to say the Tranquility Premium OverNight Protection. But your email reassured me.

Here I am on the other side of 80. Not days, weeks, months ... but years.

Are you still with me, crow's feet and all? If you are game, I'll be your little raisin. Wrinkled but sweet!

It may take a little time to get hetted up what with the pacemaker and arthritis and the orthopedic corset and all. But my friends tell me I'm a game old cookie. A regular Fig Newton. You'll help me get it all off? ...

Please say yes. (Not the pacemaker, though, OK? Without that I'm a gone cookie.)

What got me was your offer of ***KISSING***

How much time has it been since I've just whipped off my old bridge plate and just puckered up??? If you're game, I'll be your melting chocolate-chip, blood sugar be damned, to hell with the Januvia!®

The very thought of ***KISSING*** makes me melt under the blaze of your .. hot ... steaming ... little fingers. Down There!

To think of you joining me under the electric blanket gets me all hot. With you at my side, we won't even have to put it on HI. Blow my fuses!!!

With your SWEETING, you are my cup of tea!!

--- >Your Sweet Puckery Old Sugar Daddy
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