Penguin Aux Gousses D'ail

    From: JG

    RE: Penguins


    Your piece about Antarctic Food gave me all sorts of ideas. I particularly liked the story about the penguin who waddled into the kitchen tent to discuss how it should be cooked. Were I involved, I would ask the penguin to rub itself all over with garlic before jumping into the pot to become Penguin Aux Gousses D'ail. On the other hand, the part about seal brain omelette somewhat diminished my appetite. I hope it will recover before this evening, if I don't read any more.

    So, to avoid reading any more, I turned on a DVD of "Pan Tadeusz" by Andrzej Wajda, the first part of which I watched last night. What appeared on the screen was a Polish nobleman with a drooping mustache, declaiming: "All we really possess is what we eat and drink!"

--- J. G.
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