Night Owl
It's dangerous to drive in the fog like this, isn't it, Mom? "

"We're going slowly, baby, in case we have to stop on a dime."

"Do you know how many bridges there are that connect the islands between Key West and Miami?"

"About forry, I think, maybe more."

"Does everyone have secrets?"

"Oh, yes, certainly they do."

"Do you?"

"One or rwo."

"Would you die if anybody found them out?"

"I wouldn't die, no. There are just a few things I'd rather other people didn't know."

"Even me?"

"Even you what?"

"You have secrets you wouldn't tell me?"

"Roy, there are things I don't want to think about or remember. things I try to keep secret even from myself."

"It must be hard to keep a secret from yourself."

"Gee, baby, I can't see a thing."

--- From The Roy Stories
Barry Gifford
©2013, Seven Stories Press
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