SO, I did purchase and essay to read Equilateral, and did wonder greatly...

    That a work of puzzlery with zero character development or narrative process could enchant you so. Compared to The Recognitions, or Life, A User's Manual... Well, Equilateral comes bobbing up above the usual crap in "The New Yorker," but short of what it aspires to. I was gagging on the effort to keep going after 20 pages.

    All of Kalfus' inspirations come screaming off the page, betraying broad but not deep reading. Nothing to scare the critics here, they "get" it all, and pat they selfs on the noggle.

    And I probably understood the book about 3.14 times better than you did, since the geometry and math were no challenge at all... Calculations to wow and awe the mathematically ignorant by a simulacrum of Douglas Hofstader. Aye-yi-yi.

    It's out of fear of coming up with some crap like Equilateral that I avoid writing anything longer than three, er, four paragraphs.

    --- phil@xxx.org
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