Rockefeller the Titan

Re: Titan


I am sorry you reviewed this book in such a negative light. It seems that when someone is able to pick themselves up from the dirt to do something extraordinary, all the losers of the world feel left behind and inadequate. In order to elevate their status, they need to drag the winners down to their level.

Rockefeller just learned how to win at the game, through hard work, a strong intellect, and sound family values --- better than anyone else of his time. He gave his wealth to charities and has done more for medical advancement than any other American. I didn't see that mentioned in your review. We need more American visionaries like John D. Rockefeller who, when it was all said and done, found a way to turn oil into medicine and education for Americans. I suggest you read it again.

--- Moses Grayhorse

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My Bloody Life


Subject: Subscribe

I just following the link to subscribe, after reading My Bloody Life.

I need to have a rest before I read Lady Q.

Julie Williams
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