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FROM: ruPc3kkfUv

RE: Mighty Man

Hello, mighty man! How are you?

I feel so lonelythese days! I guess you would make a hot company for any playful babe like me! Why dont we meet online to get each other better? I have a number of thrilling nude pics at this dating website. Please be there for me! The registration is free. I will tell you everything in a private chat, sugar! Cannot wait to see you!

--- http://t.co/ruPc3kkfUv

Dear ruPc3kkfUv:

Thanks for your interesting letter. Unfortunately, although we are, naturally, looking for hot company for (and, presumably) "playful babes," unfortunately, we're so hot that we've been called away to Afghanistan for the duration.

The pix? You may send those if you must, but you have to understand that our photo folder is filled with less seemly folks, the likes of Shakespeare, Joyce, Keats, Byron, Milton. Your hot pix may get lost in the shuffle.

As for that private chat, you are free to make a call to our home base in the new Green Zone, but please be advised that we may find ourselves preoccupied by other activities. Bombs, shellings, drones...the like. These may distract from our foreplay.

>Thanks for thinking of us anyway.

--- Ed

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To: carlosamantea@yahoo.com

From: "Joseph Honvon" Volunteer.Opportunities@charity.org

RE: Volunteer Opportunities ( Stress-Free Charity Job)


my name is Rev.Joseph Honvon, I am currently doing some charity work and have been instructed to recruit volunteers willing to render assistance as an online agent for our charity organization. Interested person(s) would be compensated dully.

To get more details, send a reply to(rev.joseph.honvon@xxx.com).

--- Rev.Joseph Honvon
American Refugee Committee
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