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FROM: Shannon

TO: You

RE: Do you knw frogs

I had found a red an green frog an i just want to knw if he poisiones or not please email me please

--- Mzz.Bynum09/12/09

Hi, Shannon:

We have to admit our experience with frogs is limited, although we are fond of eating them. Their legs, that is.

We also have to report to you that where we live --- in the deep south --- there are green/black frogs who perch near our front door and make a lot of noise.

They don't say "rivet" as a good frog should. No: these creatures honk, like geese. We are forever and a day shooing them away, meanwhile reminding them that they are not geese at all.

--- Ed
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RE: Moving Funds

I am Major.Alan Edward in the military unit here in Afghanistan, we have some amount of funds that we want to move out of the country.My partners and I need a good partner someone we can trust. It is risk free and legal. Reply to this email

--- Sincerely
Major.Alan Edward
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