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Gertrude Bell

From: Chris Wills


RE: Where are the photos?

Hello Carlos,

I was reading this article

In the last paragraph it says "There are over fifty photographs here."

Where is here??

--- Cheers,
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Hi, Chris:

Fortunately, "here" is --- if you want it to be --- everywhere. It can even be there.

It's like when I ask my Zen-ish friends, "Why are you here?" They always reply (because they are Zen-ish), "Because I'm not somewhere else."

The fifty photographs can be found in the book, A Woman's Work. This too can be called "here."

Or, if you are so disposed ... neither here nor there.

--- Ed.

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From: Paradox398


RE: Gertrude Bell

I see you did a review on Gertrude Bell.

I am now reading a book about her called Desert Queen.

I thought I was an adventurer.

she was smart enough to bring servants

--- Paradox

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