Insults to Texas
TO: Idiots

FROM: A Texan

RE: Your Insults


You might consider putting someone with brains in charge of your so-called reviews.

I read what you said about us in your mag (you might call a spade a spade --- its more like "a rag") namely

    And certainly no justice, peace, nor order except for the belly-pooched, heavy-joweled, gallus-snapping crackers who run the whole steamy cracker-whipped show there in Bay City, Eldorado, San Saba, or Sweetwater. Justice and beauty not to be had there, certainly never in Pecos. You remember the law west of the Pecos?

You start out with the song, "If you ever go to Texas." You might pay attention to the words. I live in Sweetwater, and I'm proud of it. This is God's country which you obviously hate, typical California fruits-and-nuts crap. Be sure to let us know if you come to town. We want to put out the "welcome" mat for you...

--- Robert E. Elton
Sweetwater TEXAS
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