Let's talk more my bunny!

TO: carlosamantea@yahoo.com

From: NinaIlyushiana@xxxdex.ru

RE: My free time I spend on a hippodrome

>Hello! My name is Tanya , I am lonely russian woman from Ulyanovsk. I hope you will interested in my letter or in my structure in agency. I have decided to write to you really liked to me.

    Being an engineer, I am always interested in structure, and esp. "structure in agency." In all honesty, I have to tell you I am but a registered civil engineer, which means I have taken the pledge to be civil in all matters, public or private. Being, too, close to the eighth decade, we could probably do with a little less "Bunny" talk, and more concerning Stuffed Rabbit.

>Some more about me.... I am 25, I have finished medical university in our city and now I work as the children's doctor. My free time I spend on a hippodrome, as I 7 years am engaged in equestrian sport.

    Being an engineer, I should also tell you that I know very little about "equestrian sport," but my experience tells me that you should spend as little time as possible "on a hippodrome." These are slippery bastards, and the arch of these does not lend itself to support, even for an equestrian fancier like you. You might find yourself sliding to a penultimate riding destiny.

>I think more about my appearance will tell you my photos. If you want to learn more about me you may write me to NinaIlyushiana@xxxdex.ru Also if you want to ask me some questoins (if interested in me), please write me and I promise answer you and also I will send you more of my photos. Bye for now. I hope it's letter will not without your reply.

    Alas dear Bunny: I am fascinated by the vision of you riding hell for leather atop a hippodrome. A picture of that would make my day. However if your pictures are the standard --- what we used to call back in my youth in WWII --- "cheesecake," I suspect we can dispense with that. My riding (and hopping) days are essentially over, unless it is riding in my ancient Mustang to the proctologists's office and hopping on his examination table for my biennial exam, so he can explain to me at length why I probably should evade the come-ons of nubile equestrians from the Upper Volta region.
--- Yours in Regret,
C. A. A., CBE

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