I Am Very Glade


RE: Lets hook up online

Hi my name is Adriana I 'm a gorgeous 2o year old from your area

5.6-125pounds. 36D-cup

I love to Please and Play

My soft smooth touch will make you feel so relaxed!

Visit me at my classy private website Maybe we can chat and get naked

See my PICS Click here -->>

--- kisses xoxo ADRIANA

* * *
Hi, Adriana:

And thanks for your lubricious invitation. Although you may be barking up the wrong tree, we appreciate the suggestion that we might consider such by-play, think of it as a living, breathing possibility. I mean, at our age, offers like yours are rare, but they do bring back old dreams in all their wet and furry reincarnations.

Still, we do have a few concerns ... that we wouldn't be able to cut the mustard, if you catch our drift. Despite these cobwebby dreams long past, now very dry (ho!) ... you are invited to send along any and all photographs that might manage to call up yeasty, old memories out of the pot of our past.

We certainly consider ourselves the equal of any of the lusty young bucks in the neighborhood, but ... you know: the flesh, the years and years (and years); the lost nights and all, the lost [sigh] ruts in the old and drooping fields of yore.

Even with your offer of fireworks along with the glissando (whew!) ... we remain willing to be smitten, if such is possible at the end of this long, windy (in both senses of the word) road.

--- Yours in delight,
if not without hope,
we remain
your email buddy,



Hello MY Dear.

how are you today and your work? l hope that you are fine.

My name is nelly, am very glade to come across your profile today which i find interesting and wish to let you know that i will like to have a very good relationship with you, i hope you will welcome my friendship request? Please contact me with my privet Email so that l will give you my picture and tell you more about me, hoping to see your mail

---yours truely
Hi, Nelly,

See above.


--- XXX

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