Sister Bernadette's
Barking Dog

From: Kitty Burns Florey

RE: Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog

Hello out there!

This lovely review of my book Sister Bernadette's Barking Dog was just pointed out to me. It was thrilling! All except the bit where the author says he (she?) tried to get in touch with me via my website. I have no idea why this e-mail didn't get through. I do get a lot of reader mail, and I welcome it, but I never, ever fail to answer it. I apologize to you for what must have been a technical glitch, and strongly urge you to write again. This is, of course, written from my actual e-mail address.

--- Kitty Florey

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Hi, Kitty Florey,

And thank you for your nice email ... and yes we did fret when we didn't hear from you after the review went up in 2008. It's a hell of a good book, one of our favorites. And yes, we've been around since 1995, have over 230 issues up in hyperspace and have just issued an anthology, which you can read about at

If you do another book, please let us know about it. We were so tickled with your letter that we dug up the review of your book, which we will post (as a "Great Reviews from the Past") in this issue. If you want to look at RALPH, we can always be found at

--- Ed

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Hi Lolita!

How wonderful to hear from you so quickly, and how doubly wonderful to know that RALPH lives. I'm appalled that I've never heard of it. True, I have a preference for "real" publications instead of online ones (I'm a freelance editor and spend way too much time at the computer, so welcome paper things I can slump down with, snuggle with the dog and a cup of tea, and read). But I will make an exception for RALPH. I tried to subscribe, but the little "Letters" thing doesn't do anything when I click it. So I will send a check to San Diego.

My second nonfiction book (mostly I write novels) is Script and Scribble: The Rise and Fall of Handwriting, which came out in 2009 --- a very Sister Bernadette-ish look at penmanship. It is finally being reprinted this fall (2013) in paper. If you like, I'll send you a copy; the hardcover had a couple of horrible production errors that I hope will be corrected in the new edition. So I could send you a hardcover now with that caveat or wait and send you a new improved version in the fall. I'm also in the throes of publishing a novel that's a sort of spin-off, a historical tale set in 1856 called The Writing Master -- at the moment available in e-book only but soon coming out in paper. I think.

At the moment, though, I'm mostly excited by RALPH! And thanks so much for republishing the review!!

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