The Lamed-Vovnik
From: Lisa Davis


Subject: RALPH---Rights Editor

Dear Rights Editor:

As per your website, I am requesting permission to use information I read on your website titled: "The Lamed-Vovnik" by Andre Schwartz-Bart.

I am in the final process of completing my fiction novel, "Ascension", a Christian Thriller. In chapter 20, I would like to use the "Hasidic story" told by Schwartz-Bart about the unknown Just. I also used some of the other information in pages 158, 159, and 160, so am requesting permission to acknowledge Andre Schwartz-Bart/and or your website.

I originally found the information, on your site, on 9/8/01, but also on 12/26/2006. I have been working on my book for eight years. I had the 9/8/01 article in a file.

My book is not about the Lamed-Vov, but it is only referenced in an Apache Medicine man's dream and a dialogue.

I have attached the three pages for your approval.

As soon as I have all my permissions, and my editor reformats the manuscript, I will be uploading it for Kindle, so I am not using a regular publisher.

--- Lisa Davis
Yerington, NV

§     §     §

Hi, Lisa,And thanks for your email.

Unfortunately, we don't have the residual rights for "The Lamed-Vovnik" by Andre Schwartz-Bart.

I looked at the history of the publishing of The Last of the Just --- the book from which this excerpt is taken.

The earliest editions came from Atheneum (1973) and from Overlook. The most recent is dated 2001, and was issued by Vintage Classics.

They are probably the best place to go for permission to use this passage.

--- ED
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