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Dear Madame, Dir Sir,

I saw the seconde painting of your Website (headsection) and wonder which painter it is. I am on the suche for a painting in my collection I dont know the painter but It mayde be this one.

It would be very glad to get an answer from you.

A wonderful holiday season to you and your loved ones.

--- Martin-Alexander Covolo

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Dear Martin-Alexander Covolo:

You should go to "" and ask Ms. Esther Dado how to order a copy of Pioneers of Balinese Painting.

We quote from our review:

The artists represented here were active during Bonnet's stay, which means the paintings and drawings are dated 1929 - 1963.

For all his effort on behalf of art and truth, all Bonnet got was a kick-in-the-pants --- the Japanese interred him in Sulawesi starting in 1942, and the Indonesian government ran him out in 1958. The painting I have reproduced above is by I Gusti Nyoman Lempas who claimed to be 116 years old when he died. From the drawings and paintings shown here, I would guess he was inspired by the gods who may have rewarded him for his sense of scale and drama by letting him live on far beyond his allotted time.You may also enjoy I Dewa Kompian Pasek whose illustration of "Drinking Rice Wine" from 1958 has all the overtones of an orgy with a hint of the sly bureaucrat Henri Rousseau (he was a customs-house clerk, if I am not mistaken).

--- Ed
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