Crick Levels
TO ORDER____________


My name is Rev.mark larry i am with the Presbyterian Church of God and i will like to order a CRICK LEVELS below is the specification of my inquiry:

any types of CRICK LEVELS that you have let me know and any sizes that you have let me know.

Color: any color that you have


kindly email me with a total pick up price of 200 set .I will like you to send me an email response with the picked up price for this sizes and if you don't have this size or type available kindly email me with the sizes you have available. I will like to know the terms or forms of payment you accept Kindly respond to me as soon as possible for us to proceed further with the order.

--- Thank You
Rev.mark larry.
Presbyterian Church


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Hi, Larry

And thanks for your order.

You may be barking up the wrong tree. Here at RALPH we do levels, indeed: trying to level the playing field of books, getting those New York literary types to open their beady little eyes to the other great writings out of other parts of this country or the world.

As far as "cricks" go, we haven't seen many of them. For about six decades, anyway.

Back in the cow country we come from, there was a saying (I'm sure you will recognize it, being a man of the cloth): "I'll see you tomorrow (pron. 'tamari,' like the sauce) --- if the good Lord be willin' and the creeks don't rise." "Creeks" always came out as "cricks" but since we was raised up all speaking the same language, we always knew what we meant.

If it is that kind of "crick level" you are seeking, I assume you might more easily find it somewhere there in the pews of your own church, rather than through some fly-by-night literary magazine like ours.

--- Yours in the Spirit Level,
Lolita Lark,