Carol Ann Duffy
To quote from one of your own books, "Who the hell you do you have doing your reviews for you?"

Your appraisal of Carol Ann Duffy's Rapture is ignorant, insulting, and obviously the work of a sickening misogynist. By not seeing her love poems for what they are --- love poems --- your reviewer is showing herself to be biased or, I should say, just plain stupid.

Take a poem from her newest chapbook, The Bees:

    Here are my bees
    brazen, blurs on paper,
    besotted; buzzwords, dancing
    their flawless, airy maps.

    Been deep, my poet bees,
    in the parts of flowers,
    the daffodil, thistle, rose, even
    the golden lotus, so glide,
    gilded, glad, golden, thus ---

    wise --- and know us:
    how your scent pervades
    my shadowed, busy heart,
    and honey is art.

If you can't get that sensuous, ("parts of flowers"), nature-rich ("flawless, airy maps"), poetic ("gilded, glad, golden") inspiration of our Poet Laureate, maybe you should have your head examined. Or maybe, as you so callously opined, your reviewer should be "tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail."

Yours in disgust,

--- Pamela McKenzie
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