I know for sure that
you cheat on me now!!
From: "LambertZilnicki"


RE: Who the hell is this dude

Who the hell is this dude with you in the picture, hon? You really have to explain it! Check attach..

--- Lambert

Hi, Lambert:

And thanks for your passionate concern.

That picture ... ah, that picture.

Taken so long ago, when we were in our salad years. This particular salad consisted of lots of arnica ... and scarcely any French dressing. He was no dude. Glenn was more interested playing fugues on the piano than playing chamber music with me.

Too Tall Glenn! Despite his style, he was a treat, if not a treatment ... at least for me. Since this photograph was taken back in 1962, there at what they call "Doggie Beach," he and I have drifted apart. I mean figure: it's been fifty years! I understand that he is now raising llamas in the Atacama Desert. Wrinkled too. Him ... not the llamas.

Me? Old Long in the Tooth? I am flattered that you think I could be up to my old tricks, but I'm doomed now to kick up my heels at the It'll Do Tavern. Where they know me as Grannie Goose. And when I try to goose any of the young hunks that hang out there, they tell me to hitch up my Depends and get back to the shuffleboard court where I belong.

Sorry to let you (and me) down...

--- EMS d/b/a Lola
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