The Folio
Black Elephants


Sometimes I resist opening the Folio for a day because I know what it will mean ... two hours of pleasure from cover to cover [skipping the parts and thoughts and obscure references I don't understand for later pondering ... or wondering rejection ...]

On and on whistling through and into unknown areas, strange people, obscure books, dense concepts and surprising thoughts viz Cage and the English ladye explorer and on.

A journey through listening to new people, unknown concepts, sometimes bizarre thoughts, and some metaphysics and information that fetches me.

Can't discard the Folio till I reach the page with the European Sun symbol. The Crusader's sun has twisted bent leaves around its edge, symbolizing searing desert. Reaching the end always saddens me ... but it is the only thing re RALPH that disappoints... disappoints...

Keep it up up. Live till you die ... just like Gully Jimson instructs us.

Live well and keep Ralph alive till the end ... and onward and me shouting Eureka! as you climb ... or are you shouting "Excelsior!"

Cheers, Paul N.
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From: Karol Nielsen

RE: Black Elephants

Dear Carlos Amantea:

Thank you so much for this beautiful review of my memoir, Black Elephants. It is absolutely representative of the book and its themes of love, war, and peace. I noticed a few places where the names of the main characters, Karol and Aviv, read as Karen, Avi, or Ari, noted in the attached Word document. I don't know if this review will be included in the print edition, but I'd love to buy copies of the journal.

Thank you again!

--- Karol Nielsen

Hi, Karol:

And thank you for your kind email.

As for all the names being switched around ... it makes us glad we weren't reviewing War and Peace with not only me but the author changing names every other page. That's what comes with writing a book review at 2 AM and the office being cold, no coffee, and my wanting to be in a warm bed but also knowing the deadline was to fall like a guillotine the next day at noon.

It was a gentle and thoughtful book, the kind we look forward to having a chance to put our take on it ... to give it a little more of a push out into the world.

And to get thanks for this! I always thanked those who reviewed my books, for better or worse. Two even thanked me for thanking them. I even thought of thanking them for thanking me for thanking them, but just in time thought better of it.

I'm not sure if you review will appear in hard copy. We've just put out a copy of the new "Folio." But send us your mailing address and we will be glad to put you on the list

--- C. A.
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