The Slave Trade


RE: The Slave Trade

I am K. Byabato, an Engineer and University Lectrurer, at the School of Architecture and Design, Ardhi University, in Dar-es salaam, Tanzania. I am interested in studying this painful chapter of our history, not only from mere dry facts but more on the technical details of how ti was actually managed. For rexample, without the modern jetties in African ports, how were the captives shipped from the shore into the Slave ship?. How the captive loading organised to achieve the dense packing of the captives once onboard? the slave ship? What about the feeding and drinking of the captives during the journey? and finally what about excretion?

It is my feeling that this part of our sad history history must be properly not only be understood by the few educated historians but must be taught and learned in all schools so as to motivate the African not to allow this to happen to them again. It is a pity that the few years of the Nazi holocaust are more studied and broadcast than the centuries of this infamous trade.

--- Dr. Kamugisha A.W. Byabato
Solar Energy for Sustainable Living
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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