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RE: Pageless Poetry by Opiemme in Sannio (South Italy), video


In August 2011, Cusano Talk Festival in Campania (Southern Italy) hosted an event with Nobraino, Mezzafemmina, Miriam and Younis Tawfik, a writer from Iraq. The organizers chose to give the town of Cusano Mutri souvenir that would resist the passing of time and would be a reminder of the event itself, by reserving a space for Opiemme's new ways of expressing public poetry and art. The works of this Turinese artist are characterized by a strong connection with words, references to poetry and the attention to bring texts and thoughts into contact with the general public in urban spaces. And so, six benches and a wall next to an elementary school became the setting for his artwork. Six months on, Tekla studio have produced a video which documents this event. The poetic benches of Cusano have been insribed with phrases in the local dialect and Italian with a propaedeutical accent: "selfishness can be the cause of one's ruin", "esperience is more than theory" and a quote by famous Italian poet Ungaretti, which seems to refer to the precariousness of the present day "one feels as, in autumn, on the trees, the leaves"The wall next to the elementary school depicts various little men inspired by the forest spirits of Myazaki cartoons under an incessant shower of letters. A reference to the conditions of students, who grow-up under "a rainfall of words and notions", also to the conditions of a spectator citizen under a "rainfall of information".

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