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RE: Windmills and Birds

I was reading where these giant windmills are responsible for killing lots of birds, including some endangered species. I was wondering why we can't build a windmill that uses a large Venturi to speed up and direct the wind onto a set of rotors arranged like the 55 gal. drum windmill depicted. It would be safer for the birds, would allow for a solar heating element to be added to generator housing and might be aesthetically acceptable. Windmill generator farms look industrial in nature.
--- Van Hamlin



RE: Attendant Bed

Hello am Miller Larry, Am actually interested in Attendant Bed and i will be very happy to hear a fast reply from you if u have it in stock. Reply me with pictures of samples,sizes as well as prices of those u do have in stock and hope to hear from you soon.Also what type of credit card do you accept.

Best Regards Miller Larry,

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