The Death of Carlos Amantea



Subject: Carlos Amantea

Dear Ms. Lark,

Has the writer, Carlos Amantea, passed away ?

If so, do you happen to know when he died?

--- Dr. Sydney Drabble-Nussbaum
Oxford UK

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The Somewhat Late
C. A. Amantea
Hi, Dr Drabble:

To the best of our knowledge, Carlos Amantea is still with us. At least he thinks he is: the rest of us are never too sure.

For he is a bit of a trickster. It would not be unlike him to claim he had been salted away in some pauper's grave just to stiff his friends over a seedy gambling debt.

We understand that one time, not too long ago, he feigned botulism at a fancy restaurant in town just so he could stick his "best" buddies with the bill. He claimed his retching was the fault of the Pouilly-Fuissé which he had polished off on his own.

If you find out to the contrary ... that the old skinflint has departed this vale of tears ... please advise, so we can down a final dram in memory of one of the last of the great (and feckless) reprobates.

--- Lolita Lark

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Ms. Lark:

In view of your view of him, wouldn't it be more intellectually honest of you and your journal not to assume his identity and trade on his fame as a writer. You can't have it two ways.

--- Sydney Drabble
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