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From: "Baroody Najwa Raja

To: undisclosed-recipients


Dear Brethren in Christ,

I am very happy to write you this letter as I pray and hope you willanswer my writing for the holy bibles for myself and the christianlepers that are with me." I want to brief you little about myself. Sir i was born to the familyof a chief priest - a well known idol worshipping family, and marriedto the daughter of another such family. we had four children, andlived their idol worshipping life happily. Then everythingchanged.

My wife came back from the city where he had gone to buygoats for our annual festival. She came back to inform me of hisencounter with a man of GOD that told him about Jesus Christ and itwas the first time she was hearing of that name. she also told me theman of GOD said we should accept Jesus Christ as our only lord andpersonal saviour. We never really understand what it means to accept Jesus Christ asour only lord and personal saviour until two months later...

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