Your Time on Me
Bad Uncles
The Price of Pleasure
To: undisclosed-recipients

From: doris kayumba

RE: Kindly Reply Me Back

Hello Dear

God bless you i am Miss Doris by name i seek for a good relationship and an honest partner so i contact you, sorry for i came to you by surprise please if you don't mind kindly reply me back then i can send you my picture and tell you more about my self.

--- a big Thanks
for your time on me.
Doris Regard

To: undisclosed-recipients

From: juliet peter


Is rely nice to meet people like you,i dont have much to say,my name is juliet & i cant go out & i don't have a cell phone anymore, because of my bad uncles,so am looking for who will help me out of this place.& i will like to know you more better,& i view your profile and i love what i see & i have that believe that you can be of help to me juliet ,that is why i wish to write you with all my heart, sorry please pardon me, I will be very grateful if you will give me time to tell you more info about my pass live up till now it will be very nice of you& i will be happy & grateful, dear but i have something to tell you later on, and i will send you info about all you need to no about me,you can also is rely nice to meet you thanks for your understanding My best regards byeeeeeee


From: Emory Hill

RE: please forward to Sarah Katherine Lewis

I am watching The Price of Pleasure and saw your too-edited contributions. One of the things I regret is the awkward, stingy introduction I gave you at your book reading years ago. It's something I rehearse in my mind and wish I could do over. Re-reading parts of Indecent recently reminded me that you are a terrific writer, a terrific person.


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