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Stone-inscriptions with
The Thulth Style of Script

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due to ridiculous budget restraints if i found a decent guy in one of that place i could give them a 1/2 day real work for off the agency books some pay, don't worry it is not porn or illegal, a real manufacturer for a video

I have dealt with many of these boys over 25 years i actually thought it was their slovenliness not their circumstances

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From: Kufic Script Encyclopedia

RE: New Books on Art History and Calligraphy: Stone-Inscriptions of Istanbul

Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to introduce you the latest publication of our independent research group. I hope that it would be of your interest:

Stone-inscriptions with the Thulth style of script from Istanbul, Turkey: A comparative analysis of Thulth script with Kufic and Naskh styles of calligraphy over the course of history. Written by: Mousavi Jazayeri SMV, Mousavi Jazayeri SMH, Christian LM. Aban Publisher, Dec 2011. In 216 pages and 169 colored images of different inscriptions of Western Asia and Turkey (as a high quality printed book). Dimensions: 22Â~22.5cm. ISBN: 9789648913811.

This book is in 2 forms (with and without wooden cover), and can be ordered by contacting its editor:


Our former books:1- Kufic Encyclopedia: Learning How to Write the Primary Kufic Style of Calligraphy:

2- Script and Calligraphy (3 Vol): Kufic, Naskh and Thulth scripts, and Typography:

--- Best wishes
Editor and co-author of the book
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