Bird of Dawning
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RE: history of radio reference

On behalf of our library, I'm writing to tell you that we have found your web page


very helpful...thanks for making it!

As a library assistant, I teach educational sessions on the weekend, open to all members of our community. Right now, we're working on famous inventions and technology. One of the younger members in my session shared this page with me:

"Television, Radio and More
The History of Great Inventions!"



There's a lot of excellent information on there. Would you mind including it on your web page for me? Not only would your visitors find it useful, but I think it would make my little helper's day :)

---Have a great day!

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Hi Sarah... And thanks for your email.

We get invitations, almost daily, to make links with this or that organization, but most of the links serve to confuse the reader and --- in our already baffled state --- baffle us further.

Thus we limit links to those from within RALPH itself, and to sites directly connected to those who write for us, and to the mysterious æther god who may yet run us all.

L. Lark

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RE: Bird of Dawning

A great book I read it long ago. It would make a great movie and the Star of India is in San Diego and the James Graig is in Sydney and they would be perfect stars.

--- Benson, Leyland (DAUC)
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