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From: "Idema Zongo"

To: lolitalark@yahoo.com

RE: volunteer to a human service///// libya

Dear sir I hope my mail meets you well.The situation in libya is growing from bad to worst. i am Mr idema zongo.I worked as an accountant in the libya central bank branch in misrata and the shelling has gotten to an unbearable level. I have the mandate of my colleagues to source for a God fearing man that can assist us accomodate the treasure with us; The satanic government of ghadafi has been bombing us including our children and helpless women and this has trigered mass exit of the misrata residents to mali and other countries within the sahara; we have in our custody the sum of 21 million dollars which we were able to take from the coffers of the central bank as all the treasure has been abnadoned by ghadafi evil forces on the arrival of the allied forces; we are in desperate need of your assistance on how to accomodate the funds into your custody either sending it through a diplomatic means to you or through your bank account. PLEASE CONTACT ME BACK AND I WILL GIVE YOU A! ! LL MY CORDINATES IN OUR NEW ABODE.WE ARE NOW IN MALI REPL+UBLIC BUT WE INTEND TO MOVE TOWARDS A MORE DEMOCRATIC STATE EITHER IN TOGO OR LIBERIA THE FUNDS HAS BEEN DEPOSITED IN A SAFE PLACE AND UPON THE RECIEPT OF YOUR RETURN MAIL THEN WE CAN MAKE PROPER ARRANGEMENTS TO INTEGRATE IT INTO THE BANKING SYSTEM FOR ONWARD REMMITTANCE TO YOUR CUSTODY...

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