Angels and
Laundry/Ice Cream Trucks
From: "Walter William"

To: undisclosed-recipients

Hi Adorable...Sorry if i have to bother you, I was just passing through, and something touched my heart that I should stop to say hi to you. You are an Angel sent by God. I have always had that feeling, when I saw your profile, I started wondering, what an angel like you is doing on earth when others are in heaven busy making plans with God on how to seek for more angels..... Something struck my mind and told me that maybe you were sent to earth for one purpose only. Just to take me to heaven....

--- Regard


From: Martin Dave


Hello Good Day,

This is Martin Dave With regards to your Company i am sending this email Regards to order some (Laundry Truck)I will like to know the type and sizes you have in stock and get me the sales price of one so that i will tell you the quantity i will be ordering, and if you accept credit card as a form of payment. hope to read from you soon about my order request......

--- With Kind Regards.
Martin Davehanks

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RE: Urgent Order

From: Bob Banks


Good Day,

Am Bob.mayor i want to know whether you carry ( Ice Cream Cart ) in stock for sale if you do so email me with the price ranges on that so that i will know the one to offer and also i want to know if you accept credit card as form of payment.

Awaiting for your prompt reply.

--- Mr.Bob Banks

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Hi, David and Bob:Thanks for your order. We've been accused of many malefactions, but that of being involved in the sales of laundry trucks ... and ice cream wagons? That takes the cake. The ice cream cake, perhaps.

Does all this come about from our reputation of doing everyone's laundry in public? ... Or chilling our readers with our less than sweet products?

In any event, we don't do trucks or carts ... or not yet, anyway. But, if it gets too high in here, we may have to buy one ourselves just to clean out this Augean stable of books, many (but not all) of which do carry a certain aroma. Of "Look at me" and "Where's our review?"

---L. Lark

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