James Douglas on
James Joyce and
All the secret sewers of vice are canalised in its flood of unimaginable thoughts, images and pornographic words. And its unclean lunacies are larded with appalling and revolting blasphemies directed against the holy name of Christ --- blasphemies hitherto associated with the most degraded orgies of Satanism and the Black Mass.
I have evidence which established the fact that the book is already the Bible of beings who are exiles and outcasts in this and every civilised country.

--- James Douglas on
Joyce's Ulysses,
as quoted in the TLS
19-26 August 2011
(Douglas later wrote that Modern Novelists were
"Minxes, Cads, Bounders, Sniggerers, Innuendoists,
Pornocrats, Garbage Mongers, Purveyors of Pruriency,
Vendors of Vice, Sewer Rats, Blow Flies, Carrion Crows,
Maggots of Decadence, Hookworms of Salacity, Literary Lepers,
and Yahoos.")

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