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Dear Beloved in the Lord,Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

And by the grace of God, I am Pastor James Ologbegbekilor and we have the mandate of reaching the Lost Souls here in our Community and beyond and Praise God for using us in saving hundreds of Souls in the rural Communities, hospitals and Schools over here and I am glad to tell you that a Juju priest gave his life to Christ and along with his household. This is a miracle indeed and we are not tired of reaching the good news of the Kingdom of God and I am writing this letter believing God that together we can depopulate the Kingdom of Satan.

My beloved Brethren in the Lord , I decided to write you so that you can Support us with God's Word because there are 18 Precious Souls who are Aged and they can only read the Bold or Giant Print Bibles and If you can send us the SUPERGIANT that will be a great too .

These Elders gave their lives to Christ and they are eager to Study God's Word and we cannot buy these Bibles that is why we contacted ou so that you can help us with these materials as soon as possible so that these Souls with be blessed with God's Word. We will love the KJV and they should be English Language type.And I am praying that God Almighty will bless you so that these Bibles will mail to us as soon as possible and what a great blessing to these Bibles which will help Precious Souls over here in my Country. I am praying that God Almighty will provide so that you will come over and ministers God's Word here in my Country .

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