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I was so pleased to see the nice review you gave my new book, Learn World Calligraphy. I tried to put the whole world between two covers, and it's good to know that you found it useful.

I am slowly learning about the world of digital connections, and would like to connect with your site. My website offers readers free pages to print out from my books, for practice and projects. My blog expands on topics in all my books.

Let me know how to link to you, and thanks again,

--- Margaret Shepherd
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Hi, Margaret,

And thanks for your kind email.

Connect? Link? We are in arrears in the brain-box when it comes to this part of the internet. We put up reviews and articles, and GOOGLE dutifully lists them, and that is, I guess, where we get our readers.

You book was a fine one and we were delighted to review it. We'll post your letter, and I hope that helps with further readers.

--- L. Lark, Ed.
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