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Breathing in, Dust



RE: Virgen de Juquila

Hello, I am interested in a small statue or a pic of the Virgen de Juquila. I have read about her and I have searched every where here in Houston, Tx for a picture of her. I can't find her any where. Can you direct me in the path to where I can locate one of her?

--- Soraya Wayne

From: Tatiana Lisica


RE: Breathing, In Dust

I just came across your article about Breathing In, Dust. I am having a hard time interpreting this book and coming up with ideas for my paper. Are then any ideas you can lend me.

My paper topic is either on "respect of women" in the book or on the idea of "breathing and ashes." Can you recommend any parallel texts that can help me connect to this or any qoutes that can help me? Thank you!


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Hi, Tatiana:

And thanks for your enquiry.

I think you are on your own with this one.

Our reviewer found some passages gripping, but indicated that, on the whole, the writer (1) tends to dwell on the more sordid aspects of life, and (2) might be a bit of a mysoginist.

Even with the beginning quote from one of the Buddhist masters, it seems as if Hernandez doesn't get the central tenets of Buddhism: that is ... that life is a royal pain; the pain is there for a reason; and there is a way out.

You might want to consult one of the many books by Thich Nhat Hanh, such as Buddha Mind, Buddha Body: Walking Toward Enlightenment or Understanding Our Mind.

--- Yrs.,
Lolita Lark
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