Blow Molds
From: Chelsea Wasley


Subject: Surviving

I just watched the story on television and i was so sad when you had to saw good bye to meg. I got scared when Mark went overboard and got eaten by the sharks i am so sorry for your loss of your friends. please write back at the address given below. Thanks for your attention.

--- Brianna
(Big fan)

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Subject: Blowmolds

Dear Sir/Madam,

Have a nice day!

This is Jenny from B&H King Mold LTD. We learn your company information from the website. We are a leading mold manufacturer in China, specialized in making plastic injection mould, die casting mold, blow mold, insert mold, over mold, double-shot mold, unscrewing mold, etc.

We can produce 700 sets of mold per year. Besides,We have made molds for automobile, refrigerator, duplicating machine, washing machine, television.If you have any demand, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your attention. (If we disturbed you, please tell me.)

--- Best regards
B&H King Mold LTD
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