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RE: The Rejection Slip Blues

Dear Mr. Amantea,

I stumbled upon "The Rejection Slip Blues" today and could easily relate, having gone through the same process for several years with mounting frustration because I know my work improves with each project. In addition, I've read other works that have been published and I'm convinced my work is as good as much of what is out there! If this story of yours is true, I hope you achieve your dreams. I've included a sample of mine --- please tell me what you think! If possible, try to be kinder than the agents! Best of luck to a fellow writer, wading through the slush pile!

--- Sincerely,
Heidi Sprouse
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I think you should update the look of your site. It looks very outdated (my first though upon seen the site was "10 years at least without updates).

Updating it to CSS+HTML4 or later is good for maintenance (= cheaper).

Thanks for reading.

--- bufalo 1973

Hi, Bufalo:

And thanks for your suggestions.

Ten years? Are you mad? Our layout training began during the hey-days of Warren G. Harding with a steam-driven computer (iSteam) complete with flapper apps (and a pork-pie hat).

--- L. Lark

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From: Charles J. Shields


RE: Vonnegut biography

Dear Friends,

I noticed you carried a feature about Mark Vonnegut's Eden Express.

This fall, Henry Holt & Co. will publish the first biography of his father --- guy named Kurt. [And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut, A Life.] I'm the author.

If you're interested in a review copy, please contact Henry Holt Publishing Co.

All the best,

--- Charles J. Shields
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