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I am just wondering what Pen & Ink Press is.

Thank you :)

--- Ethan Kell

Hi, Ethan:

Beats the hell out of us. "Pen & Ink Press" sounds like something pothered up by the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe. Or even Ethan Frome.

Nowadays it would be "Spam and Virus." Or "Googles and Gigahertz." Or "Apps and Bytes."

--- L. Lark

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From: "Enquiries"

RE: Potential Pupils

Here at our website has recently been inundated with potential pupils looking for driving instructors/schools from all over the UK.

At the moment we are unable to find driving schools and driving instructors to take on these leads. We need DSA approved driving instructors from all over the UK to service these leads. The leads will be exclusive to one driving instructor/school per area. If the lead is successful then we will charge the instructor/school a small one off fee of £25.

If you are interested in genuine pupil enquiries then please email us at with the subject Pupil Enquiries and a list of areas and we will add you to our database.

Leading Suppliers Of Leads

Hullo, Enquiries:

And we are delighted to be offered the chance to give driving lessons in England with Since our local Department of Motor Vehicles has recently stripped us of our permit to drive (deemed because of age too dangerous to even sit behind the wheel of our Stanley Steamer much less drive anywhere) (especially within 200 feet of any Farmer's Market) we can hardly wait to take our talents elsewhere, such as to Stepney, Woolwich, or Hole-in-the-Wall ... to instruct a whole new breed of Magoo-like drivers.

We'll be there in a flash, or at least as soon as we can call up our cane and guide dog.

--- Lolita Lark

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