star wars
summer's end at eight it's getting dark already
dogs communicate by telephone barks
at night the connection is better distant neighbors
bark to each other about women and bones about drunken misha
staggering along garden borders
omnitel gives discounts at full moon
it really is cheaper out in the country I roll a cigarette
and sit on the threshold
father churned butter today in a mason jar
polja brought fatback
also for dinner I ate cucumbers tomatoes
and red peppers with onions from the garden
it really is cheaper out in the country it costs nearly nothing
neighbors meditations of smelling mown grass
erratic thoughts such as are hardly thoughts
just comic mixes remixes of another life
overhead a bat swoops
supersonic connection technology
allows them to trespass unpunished
in my territory of silence to wage undeclared
war to intercept the landing of mosquitoes
life in the full moon is a flood seas of blood mountains of chocolate
adrenaline agraphia amnesia
thinking like this I understand the vacation nears its end
I close out my account of summer when I get my interest
I'll call you from another life
by braille telephone
--- from unwritten histories
Eugenijus Ališanka
©2011 Host Publications
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