Pat Robertson


I read youre insult of Robertson. God will punish you. you cant hurt a man of GOD with heathen words heathen!!! You should be a shame. He is a man of GOD (Eziekel 15:2) and was sent to save sinners like you. Where was you raised up. I grew up a GODfearing family in Morgantown TN and was taught respect for the LORDS works and men of GOD (Isaiah 30:1). You should be a shame makeing fun of aman of GOD. Lighteneing will strike those who mock the Holy Word Psalms (10:10). Sinners you roast in hell. My stepfather laughed at the words of GOD and was struck with a problem in his heart writheing and crying out "O lord save me please!!!" He was dyeing with chest pain in his heart and they came to him and told him to Repent to the LORD (Samuel II 16:9) he did it on his Death Bed and after wards didnt die but rose up praiseing the LORD JESUS CHRIST who came down from the right hand of GOD to save repentance like him to punish Sinners like you!!! (Ezekiel 5:41) Repent!!!

--- Ella Kaye Wrigley
Church of Jesus Repentence in Christ Baptist Crossville TN
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