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From: Barbara Terris Bhaterris@gmail.com

Subject: Reviewing Spanish translations

To: carlosamantea@yahoo.com

Dear Ralph

In 2009 you published a review of Simply Being by James Low and this has now been published again in its 3rd edition --- it had been out of print for some years.

However I have a memory that you also had an interest in works in Spanish. Is this the case? Two of James' books --- Simply Being (3rd edition) and Being Right Here) have been translated into Spanish by Marta Pérez-Yarza and published in Spain by Ediciones Dharma.

Are they of interest to you?

I notice you are advertising in the London Review of Books for an assistant editor. I hope you get a good response and your circulation rockets.

--- Barbara Terris
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Hi, Barbara...

And thanks for your email. We are nuts about good Spanish [literature] and especially, poetry, the moderns as well as García-Lorca, Manuel del Cabral, Aquiles Nazoa, Oscar Hahn, Ángel Pérez, Jeremy D. Colon, Javier Heraud, and most especially, Aquiles Nazoa (I hope you read our translation of his "Credo.")

Whatever books of Spanish poetry you choose to send us will be looked at with care and affection.

And thanks for your kind words.

---L Lark

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From: Yazmin

To: carlosamantea@yahoo.com

RE: Remundo Sanchez

Hey, I'm reading his book My Bloody Life and it's an amazing book it's sad but very much true and I don't know if you have his email or any way of contacting him; but if you do would please give it to me, I would love to talk with him myself please and thank you.

--- Yazmin
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