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Bookmarks for Belgium

RE: Hirotada Ototake

From: "Sok Dara"

To: "lolitalark@yahoo.com"

RE: I'm have happy to read Ototake's book!

i'm smarter after i read Ototake's book.

I appreciate you.

--- Sok Dara

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No One's Perfect
by Hirotada Ototake

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From: Aimé Marquenie

Subject: bookmarks

To: carlosamantea@yahoo.com

Dear Madame, Dear Sir,

Together with my students, I'm collecting bookmarks for about 4 years now, for our school library? We do this in order to get an overview of all things that exits from books as well as museums and so on. May be I have already written you befor and you helped me with this project by sending free bookmarks.

I feel so free to contact you again and ask you if you are willing to help me to obtain some new bookmarks. Next schoolyear I will have 15 students in my class and it would be nice when each of them would be able to start his or her own collection.

Hoping to receive a positive reaction, I sign,

sincerely yours

--- Aimé Marquenie
9180 Moerbeke Waas

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Hi, Aimé,

And thanks for your email.

We have, over the years, put some stories about Belgium up at the magazine.

One is s review of the book My Little War by Louis Paul Boon, which tells about World War II in Belgium.

You also may enjoy some of our poetry, for instance one by Paul Celan, Memories of France in both English and German.

And there's one of my personal favorites, by the Spanish poet, Federico García-Lorca.

I hope this helps.

--- Lolita Lark
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