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What is this website supposed to be?

What does it mean?


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To: Lolita Lark

Subject: A good book for Dr. Phage to review

A few years ago, Dr. Phage wrote a spot-on review of a Trafford book I partly edited. About half-way through, the author, John Beowulf, decided he could finish the editing himself. Dr. Phage correctly skewered the book, Sarbola. I loved the review so much, I saved it.

Here's another book for Dr. Phage.

The author, Jim Gilliam, is the Smartest Guy In The Room. (Just ask him.) He also overwrites. Here's a sample sentence:

    His jaw dropped as he snatched the noisy small vibrating plastic enclosed electronic device from the nightstand.

I'm hoping RALPH will request a copy of this book for review. The author seems to think the review on the BookLocker site is a legitimate review.

--- Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D.
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From: "Fallon"

RE: Viper's tangle

Just read your review. The message I get from your observations of M. Louis being infuriated by what? The missing point suggested to me that the point may be missing because you don't get it.